Jesus appears to his disciples

After the Resurrection: Would You Recognize Jesus?

It’s hot news. It’s the talk of the town. Everybody’s buzzing about it. Wow! Jesus was dead and his body was gone! So, this “stranger” comes up to you and your friend and asks you what all the excitement about? You wonder, “Where’s this person been? Under a rock? How can he not know what happened?”

After the Resurrection: What is the Great Commission?

Remember the women were the last ones at the cross…and the first ones at the tomb.
In Matthew, the women are running after discovering the empty tomb to tell the male members of Jesus’ followers and suddenly Jesus appears in front of them. He allows them to touch Him to prove to them that He is alive. They fall to their knees and worship Him. They are the first to see the Living Christ.

Good Friday: Jesus is Arrested, Tried and Mocked

Good Friday: Jesus was taken from the Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish court, to King Herod, the current territorial King Herod Antipas, son of King Herod the Great who reigned when Jesus was born, and Pontius Pilot, procurator of the Roman Provence of Judea.

last supper

The Last Supper, Gethsemane and Jesus is Arrested

Every time a believer takes communion, they honor Jesus and the sacrifice He made for humankind. Jesus became the Sacrificial Lamb. In stead of having to ask for forgiveness by sacrificing a lamb each time, Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.

Beware! Woes and Warnings from Jesus: A Walk Through Holy Week

From Jesus’ triumphal entry (Palm Sunday) till the Last Supper (Holy or Maundy Thursday), Jesus had a few days to teach in Jerusalem. The disciples, of course, followed Him everywhere as did crowds of citizens. The people considered Him a prophet and a rabbi (teacher), but the leaders of the Jewish Temple – the Pharisees and the chief priests were concerned that Jesus was a false teacher.

Palm Sunday: A walk through Holy Week

Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem in triumph in fulfillment of the Holy Scriptures that the Jews knew by heart. The crowd proclaimed Him the Savior, the Messiah – the Anointed One. Everything seemed great. What happened in four days to warrant Jesus’ arrest and execution?