Martin Luther Reformation

Why the Protestant Reformation was Crucial

October 31 is not only Halloween, it’s also Protestant Reformation Day – a pivotal point in Christian History.

It started with Jesus and the Resurrection when he defeated death by dying on the cross then he was raised from the dead. Then Pentecost when God gave us the Holy Spirit. Then Paul’s missionary journeys to spread the Gospel to not just Jews, but Gentiles (non-Jews) also. Emperor Constantine converted from Paganism to Christianity declaring that the Roman Empire was now all Christian in 4th century.

Though there are many more pivotal points in Christian History, besides the ones mentioned above, the Protestant Reformation is the most crucial.

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther, a German monk, posted the 95 Thesis on the door of the Catholic church in Wittenberg, Germany. It listed 95 ways that the Roman Catholic Church of the time, did not follow the Bible.

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Bible Scriptures in this Episode:

  • John 14: 1-3
  • Revelation 3:20
  • John 3:1-8

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