FREE Ebook! The Catholic Mission Field in Our Backyards

Did you know you had a Catholic Mission Field in your backyard? The ebook shows you how to help open the eyes of your Catholic friends and family to the Truth about the Salvation of Jesus Christ (without starting a battle) 

A Guide for Born-Again Christians.

The Catholic Mission Field in Our Backyards

I’m glad that what we talked about was helpful in developing a valuable resource to help others reach out to their Roman Catholic friends. Kudos!

Greg Koukl, Stand to Reason

I love your book. Good job! May the truth set many Catholics free!

Mike Gendron, Proclaiming the Gospel

As a born-again, evangelical Christian, do you ever find yourself struggling to start a conversation with your Catholic family member, friend or colleague? As a former Catholic, now born-again, I had that problem. Unfortunately, I once had the chance and I blew it.

Back in 2018, I flew to Puerto Rico to help put my mom in a nursing home. My cousin, drove me around helping me get everything she needed. Several times, I thought, “How do I bring up salvation?” Knowing him, I figured he was a lapsed Catholic, like I had been. I never brought it up. One morning last August, his son posted on his Instagram account that my cousin had died. His heart just stopped beating.

I missed my chance! I blew it! Now, I don’t know if sometime before he died he had a moment of repentance. Only God knows that. However, that put in my heart a calling to write this book. It’s a guide for born-again Christians to help you start that crucial conversation about the true salvation of Jesus Christ with a family member, a friend or a colleague.

Before I wrote it, I called in to Greg Koukl’s radio show, Stand to Reason and asked him, “How do you start a conversation about salvation with a Catholic without starting an argument?” His answer is in the video below, which I based this ebook on.

Catholics Need to Hear and Understand the Good News!

See, the Roman Catholic Church teaches that Jesus isn’t enough. That you have to complete certain religious rituals to earn grace points in order to lessen your time in Purgatory — which, by the way, doesn’t exist — then you get to enter Heaven.

In this ebook, I explain…

  • Where the Roman Catholic Church went wrong based on historical research. I cover…
    • Baby Baptism
    • How Pagan Rituals Started in the Church
    • Purgatory — When and Who Invented it
    • Indulgences — the Greatest Scam
    • How the Church Failed to Educate the Flock
  • How to prepare yourself before an encounter
    • Prayers
    • Bible Verses to Have Handy
    • Understand Where they are Coming From
  • Planting the Seed
    • Get them thinking — Am I missing something?
    • Put a pebble in their shoe
    • How to get them to start reading the Bible

In case you haven’t noticed, but we are living in the End Times. We don’t have any time to waste!

It’s FREE! GRAB IT NOW and prepare yourself with the truth in time for your next encounter!

Soli Deo Gloria — To God Alone Be The Glory!

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