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Deo Volente (God Willing) Love in the First Century

Deo Volente! (If it’s God’s Will): Love in the First Century, (Amazon Affiliate Link) is the story of Claudia, the daughter of the magistrate of Puteoli, Italy in 69 A.D. Claudia attends a clandestine meeting of the first Christian church where she meets and subsequently falls in love with Anthony, the son of a local merchant, and a leader in the church. She is in love with Anthony, but she is betrothed to an older man her father arranged for her to marry; she is from a rich, noble family and Anthony is from the working class; she becomes a Christian and her family worships the Roman gods.

This is the first in The Christian Centuries series. Each one takes place in subsequent centuries at pivotal points in Christian history. While it captures the attention of the reader in a moving story and historical fact, it defines all aspects of love—not just the love between a man and a woman, or the love of family, but also God’s love for all people and the church.

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