Seek the Gospel Truth Podcast

Seek the Gospel Truth Podcast

Are you seeking hope, peace and joy in the world? You found it! Learn about the Good News–the Gospel Truth–of Jesus Christ’s true salvation. We need to trust in something besides the world. Something that is eternal — that is Jesus Christ — our Confident Hope! Furthermore, only through a personal relationship with Jesus can you have this type of hope. If your life feels empty, only Jesus can fill that hole in your heart.

Seeking the Gospel Truth

Born-Again Christian, and Bible Teacher, Giselle Aguiar, reads scripture and talks plainly about the Word of God and how it tells the story of God, His love for you, His truth and how to live and strive to be Christlike. She also covers Bible Prophecy, how to have a personal relationship with Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Learn how to study the Bible for yourself and build a strong, solid faith in Jesus Christ as you seek Gospel Truth.

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The Seeking the Gospel Truth Podcast goes out every Saturday and Sunday. Saturdays we’ll be covering Bible Prophecy, clarifying misconceptions, personal interviews and testimonies. Sundays will be “Psalm Sunday” where we’ll read and interpret the beautiful prayers and prophecies found in this Book of Poetry. In the archives, you can find playlists of Bible Studies on the Books of the Bible covering Jesus in the Old Testament, the New Testament Gospel Truth, as well as Bible Prophecies.

I pray that as you hear God’s Word, it will inspire you to study the Bible daily for yourself. Seek the Gospel Truth. I pray that God opens your heart, eyes, and mind to understand what the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you. Moreover, as you become rooted in the Word, you’ll also be rooted in the hope, joy and peace that only the Living God, Jesus Christ can give.

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Soli Deo Gloria — To God Alone Be the Glory!