210.4: 1 Kings 14: Devotion of Idols Leads to Slavery, Loss and Death

Man has a tendency to stray from God. It started with Adam, continued with Solomon — who by what he wrote in Ecclesiastes, seemed to have repented in his old age — and continues with the new kings of Israel and Judah. Due to Solomon’s turning to idolatry because of his many wives and concubines, a united Israel is split with 10 tribes in the north, called “Israel” and 2 tribes in the south, called “Judah”. This split, which happened in 925 BC, would last 200 years.

Altogether, Israel would have 19 bad kings in this time period, none of whom pleased God. Out of the 20 kings Judah would have, only 8 were good and followed the Lord. We’ll meet them as we continue through 1 and 2 Kings. Check out the videos below for more insights on these chapters.

Today we continue with King Jeroboam in the north and King Rehoboam in the south. Both are facing slavery, loss and death. Let’s dig in…

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