Discover God’s Wisdom: Bible Study on Ecclesiastes

The Book of Wisodm - Ecclesiastes

We all want wisdom. We all NEED wisdom. Here in Ecclesiastes, King Solomon, considered the wisest man who ever lived, contemplates life, knowledge, success, pleasure, and work. It’s the Bible book on the Philosophy of Life. There’s no better book from which to reflect on YOUR life. Let’s dig in…

The Wisdom of Solomon in Ecclesiastes

  1. Life Under the Sun is Meaningless
  2. Anything Goes, but Nothing Lasts. The Futility of Pleasure
  3. In Life, We Go Through Seasons on Our Way to Eternity
  4. Life Lived for Self is Empty and Lonely. We Need Community and Fellowship
  5. Money and Wealth Never Satisfy. How much is Enough?
  6. You Will Never Find Satisfaction in Life Under the Sun. Look Higher
  7. Where Are You Looking for Wisdom? Here is the Right Place…
  8. With all the Injustice in the World, where is God?
  9. There is Life After Death. Where will YOU Spend Eternity?
  10. Wise or Foolish? We Need God to Help Us with Decisions
  11. Enjoy Life, But Beware, the Judgment Day of God is Coming
  12. Remember and Fear God Before the Days of Trouble Come

Also, read the Book of Proverbs — one chapter every day. There are 31 chapters. I guarantee, each time you read it, something new will pop out and speak to you. You can never have too much wisdom!

Soli Deo Gloria — To God Alone Be The Glory!

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