29.15: 1 Kings 8: Finally a Permanent Place for the People to Worship God

t last there is a permanent home for the Ark of the Covenant — no longer wandering like the Hebrews did for 40 years. The temple is finished and everything from the tabernacle, including the Ark, is moved into the new building by the Levites — the priests. It’s interesting that Solomon held the temple dedication near the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot. It’s the last of the Jewish festivals. In 2021, Sukkot falls on Sept. 21. It fulfilled God’s promise that Solomon would build the temple and the people would worship God in the Promised Land. Furthermore, Sukkot foretells when King Jesus will come back and will dwell with us in the New Jerusalem.

This whole chapter really speaks for itself. Let’s dig in….

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