28.7: 1 Samuel 25: Lord, Restrain Us From Doing Something Evil, Sinful, Foolish, Stupid or Idiotic

We started our historical trek through the Old Testament with Hannah pleading with God to have a child. She promised to dedicated the child to God if He would bless her. He did and she did. That child was Samuel, whom we followed as he grew up helping Eli in the tabernacle and then became a priest and judge over Israel. We also witnessed Israel’s transition from a theocracy (where God ruled) to a monarchy (where a king rules). The people wanted a king and God told Samuel to anoint Saul. Saul, however, disobeyed a direct order from God and God removed the Holy Spirit from him. Subsequently, God told Samuel to anoint the next king, a young shepherd named David.

In today’s chapter, Samuel dies. We all die. Where our souls spend eternity is really up to us — either in Heaven or in hell. But that’s not the topic of today’s story. Today, we meet a restrainer. In yesterday’s story, the Holy Spirit restrained David from killing Saul when the opportunity presented itself in the cave. Here we have a different restrainer and I’ll tell you about the restrainer that’s in the world today and what will happen when He is removed. Let’s dig in…..

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