3.2.11: Lamentations 1-2: A Lament Over the Loss of a City Judged by God

Miami, 1992. Hurricane Andrew paid us a visit like a buzz saw cutting through human lives. It didn’t discriminate. Mowed under its 150 mile-per-hour winds were homes and businesses of both the rich and the poor. It was an equal-opportunity destroyer. Likewise, the judgment of God won’t just come upon the rich or the poor. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is or how many good deeds you’ve done. What will matter will be the condition your heart. Is it with God or with the world, that is ruled by Satan?

In these next 3 posts, I’ll cover the Book of Lamentations, written by the Prophet Jeremiah. Known as the “weeping prophet”, Jeremiah composed a song, a funeral dirge. He lamented the loss of Jerusalem, the beautiful temple that Solomon built, and the Kingdom of Judah. It’s a loss that could have been avoided had the people only obeyed God. Let’s dig in…

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