212.9: Obadiah: The Little Book with a Mighty Punch From God to the World

Family feuds are tough. Unfortunately, it all centers on pride. For many years, my mom’s sister refused to communicate with me or my parents. All over a disagreement my aunt had with my dad. I had nothing to do with it, yet, I was also shunned. Both very prideful, neither would apologize, neither would back down. Even after I moved to Miami, just a few miles away from her, it wasn’t until my dad passed away that she finally reached out to me.

The Old Testament is full of family feuds, but the one highlighted by the prophet Obadiah, stems way back to the twin boys, Jacob and Esau in Genesis 25. For years, Israel (Jacob) was more powerful that Edom (Esau). Interestingly enough, the Edomites were atheists. Where the Israelites were supposed to worship God, and the other area nations had their respective false gods, Edom worshiped no one but themselves. They behaved badly against their own kin and God here is fed up with them. Let’s dig in…

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