210.28: Amos 1-2: God Makes a Simple Farmer and Rancher into a Spokesperson

Meet Amos. He’s a rancher, raising sheep and probably cattle, along with being a farmer of figs. He was a businessman from a small, country town in northeastern Judah, who more than likely traveled a lot to the northern kingdom of Israel for business. Amos knew the territory. He was also a godly man. Even with no formal training like Elisha or even Jonah, God chose him to be his spokesperson to not just Israel, but the pagan, Gentile nations too. He was an amateur. And just so you know, the word “amateur” means “for the love of it”. It doesn’t mean “less skilled” or “less capable”. Just passionate, yet good at what one does.

It’s c. 756 BC. Uzziah reigns in Judah and Jeroboam II is king of the northern kingdom of Israel. (We’ll read their historical accounts when we continue with 2 Kings shortly.) Needless to say, we had good king / bad king respectfully. As we’ll see, Amos was an in-your-face prophet. Again, no beating around the bush. He told it like it is. Let’s dig in…

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