29.8: 1 Kings 1: Another of King David’s Sons Tries to Steal the Throne

Kings. Israel wanted a king like all the nations around them. So, God gave them Saul. He disobeyed God. Then God anointed David. Now, David is very old, about 70, and bedridden. Here, we’ll meet David’s successor to the throne. First, his oldest son, Adonijah, then the one chosen by God, Solomon.

The Books of 1 and 2 Kings serve as a backbone for the rest of the Bible. Scholars think that the prophet Jeremiah wrote it. These books are the key to understanding the history and framework of the Bible and Israel. It’s a spiritual commentary and a historical record on how Israel got it wrong.

God made Covenant after Covenant — that’s an agreement or contract — with Israel. What God wanted was simple — you obey Him and He’ll provide everything you need. That’s still how He works! However, over and over again, the people broke the Covenant…

  1. Adam and Eve – the Fall of Man
  2. The Israelites, whom He freed them from slavery in Egypt. God had to give them the 10 Commandments and they broke them. God wouldn’t have had to give humans the 10 Commandments if they weren’t sinning. Yeah, think about that for a moment.
  3. The next generation got to enter the Promised Land and they broke the Covenant after each and every Judge.
  4. King David – he broke the covenant with Bathsheba. Unlike the other people, he was repentant and God forgave him and promised that his son with Bathsheba, Solomon, would succeed him as King.

The story continues. We’re in c. 970 BC. Let’s dig in….

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