28.27: 2 Samuel 15: A Son Rebels Against King David like God Promised

Let’s do a tally of all the sins that led to rebellion…

  1. David commits adultery with Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah and granddaughter of Ahithophel. She become pregnant.
  2. David tries to hoodwink Uriah into sleeping with his wife, but it doesn’t work, so David has him killed in battle.
  3. Nathan the prophet, relays to David how God feels. Part of that was the death of David’s son with Bathsheba and also that He would raise up rebellion within his own house. (2 Samuel 12:11)
  4. Amnon, David’s eldest son, thinks if the king could have any woman he wants, so can I and he rapes his half-sister, Tamar, Absalom’s full sister.
  5. Absalom, kills Amnon and runs away.
  6. Absalom and David reconcile — somewhat. Had it been forged in forgiveness, things might have turned out differently.

So, you see, it’s sin, on top of sin, on top of more sin. Like a cancer. All this causes bitterness, which leads to more sin and eventually death. Let’s dig in….

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