27.8: Jesus in Judges Part 6: An Adventure, Samson versus the Philistines, the Bible’s First Superhero

Here we have the most famous and infamous judge of the Hebrews — Samson. Bible stories make for epic movies and one of them is Cecil B. DeMille’s Samson and Deliliah, 1949, starring Victor Mature as Samson and Heddy Lamarr as Delilah. Now, as usual, they took the typical Hollywood “creative licenses” and changed the story line a lot. I won’t get into details and spoil the movie for you. It is entertaining and the lesson comes out loud and clear.

Samson’s strength was his hair. However, his weakness was women and the lust of the flesh. It leads to his downfall, but he gets to take the pagan Philistines with him. Let’s dig in….

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