27.22: 1 Samuel 8-10: The People Want a King and God Delivers

Here we have yet another pair of evil, corrupt sons and a reluctant, chosen servant of God. You see how history repeats itself? We had a pair of evil, corrupt sons in Aaron’s sons as well as Eli’s. We had a chosen, yet reluctant servant in Gideon.

Many times in the past, I was picked as a reluctant leader. Thinking back, I don’t think all of them were from God, but from the people around me. Consequently, I ended up burning out. See, I didn’t have the Holy Spirit in my heart back then. Also, I didn’t have a 1:1 relationship with God. I did what people asked me to do because I thought it was the right thing to do. I figured I’d earn brownie points with God. My life changed immensely when I realized that it doesn’t work that way!

Today we meet the future King Saul. Furthermore, we’ll see how God masterfully orchestrates the whole scene. Remember there are no coincidences when it comes to God’s will. Let’s dig in…

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