23.3: Will Pope Francis be Left Behind After the Rapture? How the Vatican may React

In my second episode, I covered in the Catholics from the viewpoint of a local, Phoenix, Catholic Church. Today, we look at how Pope Francis and the Vatican may handle being left behind. Why do I think the Pope will be left behind? First, most Catholics aren’t really Christians. They are not born again, thus they won’t be caught up to Heaven when Jesus calls for His true believers. By Pope Francis’ actions when it comes to his “One World Religion” (check out the video at the bottom), he certainly doesn’t act like a born again Christian. Thus, my conclusion that he’ll probably be left behind. Let’s see how he may handle that.

So far in this fictional series, we’ve looked at how various groups of people might handle getting left behind at the Rapture of the true Christian believers. We looked at…

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