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If you’re a born-again believer helping a friend or family member to start reading the Bible, it’s a great idea to give them one!

Or if you’ve never read the Bible, and you want to start, you should get one!

But which version or translation would be good for someone who’s never read a Bible?

There are too many to choose from! As a former Catholic, who never read a Bible until well into adulthood, it helped me to have a Bible translation in plain, everyday English.

Find the right study Bible so you will study the Bible daily!
Study the Word of God everyday!

I know many Evangelical Christians are very much attached to the King James Version. That’s fine if that’s what you grew up with. Remember, most “Halfway Christians”, especially Catholics, have grown up with people telling them they don’t need to read the Bible. All they have to do is trust the church to teach them what they need to know. Only, they don’t and that’s the problem. (Dig deeper: The Roman Catholic Church Failed to Educate the People in the True Gospel) OR, they were encouraged to read, let alone STUDY, the Bible — the Word of God.

When I first started going back to church, a well-meaning friend, told me to get a King James Version. Guess what? I got frustrated with the “thees” and “thous” and stopped reading it, totally defeating the purpose. Eventually, I got the New International Version (NIV) and that was the best for a “new Christian” to get into the habit of reading the Bible daily.

Apologist and Bible teacher, Dr. Frank Turek, a former Catholic, recommends the NIV. Today, I also study from the New Living Translation (NLT). Both of these are featured here. I’ve also added a Study Bible in Spanish! The NTV! I’m using that version for my new Spanish podcast.

NIV Grace and Truth Personal-Size Study Bible, Comfort Print–hardcover

By Zondervan Bibles


The NIV Grace and Truth Bible has been compiled by a group of scholars and pastors who have taken great care to present the Gospel to all believers, whether they are new to the Christian faith or have been following Christ for most of their lives. The editorial team was led by the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, who has dedicated his life to the faithful distribution of God’s Word throughout the world. The study and observational notes that fill this Bible have a passion and sincerity to them that compel you to read further; a merging of the earnestness in evangelizing the unbeliever and the compassion to warm the heart of a weary believer who has been battered by the struggles of life. A balance is found between the stark truth of God with His graciousness in our pain and this Bible will lead you into a lifelong study of God’s redemptive story.

Featuring Zondervan’s Comfort Print typeface — a revolutionary font that has been designed to provide an optimal reading experience by minimizing eyestrain.


  • Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV)
  • Project leadership by general editor Dr. Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Insightful and practical bottom-of-the-page study notes
  • Center-column cross reference system for deeper study
  • Comprehensive NIV concordance
  • Words of Jesus in red
  • 16 pages of full-color maps
  • Satin ribbon marker
  • Smyth-sewn durable hardcover edition lies flat when open
  • Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print typeface
  • 8-point print size for the biblical text and 7-point print size for the study notes
  • Only $24.99!

NLT Life Application Personal-Size Study Bible, Third Edition–softcover

By Tyndale House


Winner of the 2020 Christian Book Award for Bible of the Year!

The NLT Life Application Personal-Size Study Bible has been updated and expanded to continue it’s 30 year legacy of helping people discover how to apply God’s Word to their life today! Now with a fresh two-color interior design and meaningfully updated study notes and features that answer questions you may have about the text, the NLT Life Application Personal-Size Study Bible provides you with practical yet powerful ways to apply the Bible to your life every day. Explore the stories and parables of the Old and New Testaments with verse-by-verse commentary. Survey the big picture of each book through overviews, vital statistics, outlines, and timelines, and grasp difficult concepts using in-text maps, charts, and diagrams-all to help you do life God’s way, every day.

The Personal Size editions are for people who like to carry their study Bible with them.

Features: (Enhanced, updated, and with new content added throughout)

  • Now more than 10,000 Life Application. notes and features
  • Over 100 Life Application. profiles of key Bible people
  • Introductions and overviews for each book of the Bible
  • More than 500 maps & charts placed for quick reference
  • Dictionary/concordance
  • Extensive side-column cross-reference system to facilitate deeper study
  • Life Application. index to notes, charts, maps, and profiles
  • Refreshed design with a second color for visual clarity
  • 16 pages of full-color maps
  • Quality Smyth-sewn binding-durable, made for frequent use, and lays flat when open
  • Presentation page
  • Single-column format
  • Christian Worker’s Resource, a special supplement to enhance the reader’s ministry effectiveness
  • Full text of the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (NLT), combining the latest biblical scholarship with clear, natural English
  • 7.5 point type
  • $24.99

Biblia de estudio del diario vivir NTV en español


Biblia de estudio del diario vivir NTV, piel imit. rosado/marron

La Biblia de estudio del diario vivir NTV se ha mantenido como una de las Biblias favoritas por muchos años y continúa siendo una de las Biblias de estudio de mayor venta en la actualidad. Provee valiosa información acerca de los principales personajes bíblicos, además de una introducción a cada libro con datos importantes, resúmenes y esquemas para que todo lector obtenga una mejor comprensión del contexto en el que fue escrita la Biblia. Es el único recurso bíblico que incorpora la mejor erudición y la más actualizada para responder a las preguntas de la vida diaria. Incluye aprox. 10.000 notas y guías actualizadas y más de 200 mapas. La Biblia de estudio del diario vivir contiene el texto claro y comprensible de la NTV, una concordancia, palabras de Cristo en rojo, página de presentación, cinta marcadora y canto plateado.

La NTV es una traducción excepcional de la Biblia, redactada en un español fácil de comprender y fiel a los idiomas originales. Es el fruto del trabajo de un equipo de más 50 destacados eruditos de la Biblia. La erudición y la claridad de la NTV le dan vida aun a los pasajes más difíciles. Sin embargo, lo más impresionante de la NTV son los testimonios de cómo esta Biblia está cambiando la vida de las personas al hablarles directamente al corazón. Por eso la llamamos «LA VERDAD CON CLARIDAD».

Where do you start reading the Bible?

  • The Gospel of John
  • The Book of Acts
  • Paul’s Epistle to the Romans
  • The Book of Hebrews
  • Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians
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