World Watch Prophetic, Last Days News Just Like Jesus Said

World Watch 3.4.23: Prophetic, Last Days News Just Like Jesus Said

The birth pains that Jesus predicted in His Olivet Discourse are coming stronger, and more frequent. Consequently, each week as I collect news items that stand out to me, I find there are a lot more. Thus, the blog and podcast are getting longer and longer. Yet, I am moved by the Holy Spirit to report all these. Rest assured, this is not meant to scare you, but to warn you and help you find confident hope in Jesus Christ alone. Let’s dig in…

By the way, you can find Jesus’ predictions of the last days in the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13.

Wars and Threats of Wars

Ukraine / Russia War

Ukraine is hitting back

Russia to UN: Ukraine Conflict Is A “War With The West For Survival”

“As for our country, we see all of this as a war with the West for survival, for the future of our country, for our children, for our identity. Ukraine is nothing but a bargaining chip in this plot.”

Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN

Russia, Iran, Turkey, Syria – Ezekiel 38

  • Iran seeks to receive S-400 missile systems from Russia
  • Iran can make fissile material for a bomb ‘in about 12 days
  • The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov said in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS that Russia, Iran, Syria, and Turkey are exploring the possibility of a joint meeting of their foreign ministers.
  • US hits Russia with 200% aluminum tariff
  • The Biden administration also announced $2.7 billion in new duties on other industrial goods as the war in Ukraine passes the one-year mark. “These actions are carefully calibrated to put economic pressure on Russia while minimizing costs to U.S. consumers,” U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said.
  • A senior Iranian said, “Very soon will come the day that Israel will use the airspace of Baku, Azerbaijan to attack Iran. If Azerbaijan allows hostile actions to be carried out against us from its territory, we will also attack the territory of that country.”
    • Note: For months now, Iran has been threatening Azerbaijan that it will be attacked if Israel uses their airspace to attack Iran, it seems that as time progresses and the date of the “attack” approaches, Iran raises the tone of the threats as well as conducting very large exercises. Amir Tsarfati
The Iranian Moudge class frigate IRIS Dena has arrived in the port of Rio de Janerio in Brazil.
The Iranian Moudge class frigate IRIS Dena has arrived in the port of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

America vs China

‘We Have Been Blind’: Rep. Gallagher Warns of Chinese Police Outposts in US
Members of the House Select Committee on China are pledging to redouble their efforts to counter Beijing’s ongoing threats to its targets on U.S. soil.

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Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia was crushed by the Russians
Mar. 4: Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia was crushed by the Russians, and people are abandoning the area. As far as the Russians are concerned, it is part of four districts that they unilaterally annexed, so they will not stop destroying it until it surrenders. Last night there were heavy bombings on the city, with many casualties. The scope of the destruction is enormous.

A video of the armed Ukrainians in the Russian villages. This is to say: “We Ukrainians have invaded Russia”. The Kremlin described it as a terror attack. What will Putin do?

Romania deployed air defense systems in the Moldova border. Also, tanks and armored vehicles of the Romanian army were deployed in the Moldovan border.
Romania deployed air defense systems, tanks, and armored vehicles to the Moldovan border.

U.S. forces provided airborne intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance support for an interdiction in the Gulf of Oman conducted by the UK Royal Navy, Feb. 23, which lead to seizing an illegal weapons shipment from Iran.
U.S. forces provided airborne intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance support for an interdiction in the Gulf of Oman conducted by the UK Royal Navy, on Feb. 23, which lead to the seizing of an illegal weapons shipment from Iran.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7 NLT

All Eyes on Israel in the Last Days

Find God’s promises to Israel in Genesis 12, 2 Samuel 7, Ezekiel 35-36, 37, 38 and 39.

Iran has now acknowledged that it has enriched uranium to 84%. That is just a day or two away from weapons grade. I believe this is the trigger for Israeli military strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. It was not a coincidence that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a security conference in Israel on Tuesday that the longer Israel waited to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, the harder such strikes would become.

Israel’s window to strike Iran Narrows as Putin enters the equation: Iran seeks S400 air defenses from Russia which would make an attack harder.

Amir Tsarfati

The Day Approaching by Amir Tsarfati
The Day Approaching by Amir Tsarfati (affiliate link)

El Morro fortress watchmen
Ezekiel 33 – The Job of the Watchmen

If I announce that some wicked people are sure to die and you fail to tell them to change their ways, then they will die in their sins, and I will hold you responsible for their deaths. But if you warn them to repent and they don’t repent, they will die in their sins, but you will have saved yourself.

Ezekiel 33:8-9 NLT

Earthquakes and “Seismic” Weather Events

Economic Woes, Famines, Pestilence, and Plagues

As in the Days of Noah and Lot

Jesus said that the world, in the last days would be as it was in the days of Noah and Lot” (Luke 17). In case you forgot, this is how the world was just before the flood and Lot lived in The First Sin City.

Increased Evil , Satanic Lawlessness, Terrorism, Apostasy, False Teachings, and Deception in the Last Days

Jesus Said…

“But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars—their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Revelation 21:8

Letter to the American Church by Eric Metaxas
Letter to the American Church
by Eric Metaxas
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The Coming Apostasy
The Coming Apostasy
by Mark Hitchcock & Jeff Kinley
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New World Order, Great Reset, Big Brother, Global Insanity, & Government Overreach in the Last Days

In Revelation 13, John tells us of the coming One World Government

Pope Francis Calls on Humanity to Unite Around One World Religion

Pope Francis has once again called for all of humanity to unite around a one-world religion.

Both in his ecumenical “pilgrimage of peace” and in his message for the International Day of Human Fraternity, the pope recently called for religions to “increasingly intertwine” in the “service of brotherhood.”

LifeSite News reports that over the past few days, Francis has once more renewed his oft-spoken calls for increased inter-religious dialogue and activity, reawakening concerns that leading prelates have made in the wake of such statements over the years.

The first came during his recorded February video message for the third International Day of Human Fraternity, which is born out of his 2019 Abu Dhabi document on human fraternity – a document which stated that a “pluralism and diversity” of religions is “willed by God.”

His statement mentioned God but did not mention Christ or Catholicism. Instead, Francis spoke in a much more abstract manner, describing the purpose of religion as “reminding us that man’s destiny goes beyond earthly goods and lies in a universal horizon.”

Francis is a member of the Society of Jesus, also called the Jesuits, and is also the first Jesuit pope in history. Jesuits have for decades been steeped in revolutionary Marxist teaching, and a focus on social justice and liberation theology here on earth, rather than winning souls for Christ or preparing people for life in the hereafter.

Interview with the Antichrist
Interview with the Antichrist
by Jeff Kinley
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A Woman Rides the Beast
A Woman Rides
the Beast

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Paul warned us…

Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons.

1 Timothy 4:1 NLT

Increased Christian Persecution

Open Doors 2023 World Watch List on Christian Persecution

Ethiopia #39

People who convert to Christianity from Muslim backgrounds, particularly in the east and southeast of the country, risk harsh mistreatment from their communities. Women face the threat of rape, forced marriage, or (if married) divorce and separation from their children. In some areas, Islamic extremist mobs have attacked churches, taking advantage of a general rise in political violence. Christian converts can be threatened with death and are often forced to flee their homes.

There is also persecution for Christians who move from a traditional Ethiopian Orthodox Church background to a Protestant, evangelical, or non-traditional denomination. It is thought that all major churches in Ethiopia have experienced government interference in appointing their leaders.

Ruth* grew up in a Christian family – but part of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, so when she decided to become an evangelical Christian, she was rejected by her family. Before this, she hadn’t properly understood the gospel. A friend’s mother shared it with her – “I was told clearly ‘Lord Jesus saves, salvation is through Christ’. When she told me there is no way to be saved other than Him, I decided to follow Him.”

Learning that God doesn’t require endless rituals or fasting to be in a relationship with Him made the decision easy. However, at that young age, she couldn’t foresee the fallout her decision would have. For two years, Ruth secretly worshipped with a small local church. Then her family discovered a Bible in her room. Very quickly the dreams she had of receiving an education and a promising future vanished.

“The area I come from is dominated by traditional religion, so it’s very difficult to live there as an evangelical Christian,” says Ruth. “Family and community life is dictated by traditions and rituals. It is a very small city, so almost everyone knows each other. If you are an evangelical Christian, they will know. They refuse to talk to you or even have any kind of relationship. Right now, my family doesn’t talk to me at all. Isolation is painful. It’s hard to understand how my family, who used to love me, could suddenly hate me.”

But Ruth’s faith remains strong: “May God be praised, even if life is hard now, even if I am not living the life I thought I would and continued my schooling like my peers, I am still here saying tomorrow will be better.”


Extreme Devotion
From Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) A collection of prayers, sayings, writings, and brief biographies of sixty Christians who died for their faith
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More on Christian Persecution

*Name changed for security reasons

Good News! The Gospel Around the World!

Jesus said regarding the last days, “For the Good News must first be preached to all nations (peoples).” (Mark 13:10)

Yes, there is bad news all over the world. Nevertheless, there is also great news — signs of hope — that Christians are doing what Jesus told us to do in the Great Commission and before He left us.

Check these out and pray for them…

  • Franklin Graham is set to preach Jesus in communist Vietnam backed by 300 Churches.
  • ‘Jesus Revolution’ performs miracles at the box office, receives rave reviews from audience
  • Qatar: “We already see the move of the Holy Spirit in the Arabian Peninsula. God is visiting people in their dreams. God is doing miracles. God is doing healings among the people.” Praise God for the miracles happening in Qatar. They keep this Christian community thriving, even while the country tries to stifle their convictions.
  • China: An AsiaLink partner in China had a great opportunity to share the gospel with a taxi driver and his wife. Praise God they both have come to the Lord and have received some discipleship material. Please pray for a strong walk with the Lord, a hunger for His Word and a desire to share their faith with family and friends.
  • Tunisia: Though 99% of Tunisians are Sunni Muslims, a small but thriving Christian community exists within the country. After the “Arab Spring” uprising in 2011, which originated in Tunisia, the government became the first in North Africa to enact religious freedom reforms.
    This means many new churches have sprung up in the country, and front-line workers report other hopeful changes as well: “By God’s grace, Bibles are becoming much more available within the country,” a front-line worker shared.
    Pray that Tunisian Christians and churches will continue to have freedom to operate and that the hearts of many Tunisians will turn to the gospel.
    Pray also for Christians from nearby countries who have fled to Tunisia, seeking safety and stability. VOM


Almost 53,000 gathered during the 2 days at CDMX Arena in Esperanza, Mexico. They all sang and called on the name of JESUS. Franklin Graham made a call to accept CHRIST, and approximately 6 thousand people got up from their seats to surrender their hearts to GOD. – Steven Perez

*Name changed for security reasons

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The Signs of the Last Days are Obvious!

Jesus said regarding the Last Days…

“But all this is only the first of the birth pains, with more to come.”

Matthew 24:8 NLT

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Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart.
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