Messianic Psalms part 2

16 Messianic Psalms Part 2: Finding Jesus in Songs & Prayers of the Past

On Christmas Day, I read the first 8 Messianic Psalms. Today, I finish reading the other 8. Next week we’ll be back to the Sunday Psalms series with Psalm 34. I pray that you will find Jesus in these beautiful poems and songs. As Paul told us, “Faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.” Romans 10:17

Psalms in this Reading

By the way, as I go through the studies each Sunday, I’ll link these. Keep in mind that ALL psalms are prophetic. Check out the podcast episode below. These are specifically the ones that prophesy about a savior, a king, the Messiah — the anointed one — Jesus.

  • 68
  • 69
  • 72
  • 91
  • 102
  • 110
  • 118

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