26.21: Jesus in Deuteronomy Part 7: It’s Your Choice! Go with the Culture or Go with God

Guess what?! We’re almost done trudging through Deuteronomy! This is the next to the last part! You may be wondering why God wanted Moses to be so repetitive. Or maybe… why did it have to be so detailed? So, comprehensive? Clearly, God loved the Israelites — just as He loves each and every one of us. He doesn’t want to see us go the wrong way or choose evil over good.

God had to show the Israelites that they had to unlearn all the bad habits they picked up living for so many years in Egypt. Let’s play with some numbers. (Pun kind of intended!) Back in Numbers, God asked Moses to take inventory of all the men 20 years or older who were able to go to war. Why? He was sending them into the Promised Land, but it was inhabited by pagans, whom God was going to remove. Consequently, these people were not going to go quietly. The Hebrews had to be prepared for war.

The problem was that when they reached the border, the people were afraid. They didn’t trust God. Subsequently, God punished that generation by having them wander in the wilderness for 40 years. Everyone who was in that first census, except for Caleb and Joshua, died in the desert. So, figure those two were in their 20s. They are in their 60s now. The oldest of the survivors not counted (19 and younger), would be 59, down to those born during the 40 years. Figure anyone who was a teenager when they left Egypt would still remember what it was like living there, as slaves, among idol worshipers. Consequently, you have only the people who are 52 – 59 years old who may vaguely remember Egypt.

Nonetheless, the habits we form while growing up stick with us. They weren’t taught that worshiping statues and images of animals and people was wrong. That’s why God said over and over again not to worship man-made things.

Let’s think about it this way — a parent warns a child over and over again not to touch a hot stove or an open flame. Yet, a curious child must touch it for themselves and learn the hard way. Ouch!

Then the parent says, “I told you not to touch it!”

Likewise, the Hebrew people will not learn and God knows it. Even after going through all the blessings and curses, they will disobey. Unfortunately, many will pay the consequences and we’ll read about their adventures in due time.

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