1 Kings

1 & 2 Kings & Psalms Bible Studies

Kings. Israel wanted a king like all the nations around them. So, God gave them Saul. He disobeyed God. Then God anointed David. Now, David is very old and bedridden. Here, we’ll meet David’s successors to the throne. First, his oldest son, Adonijah, then the one chosen by God, Solomon. There were good kings and bad kings, they shaped the history of Israel and angered God so much that He exiled them for 70 years. What did they do that was so awful to God? Dig in…

1 Kings

  1. Trying to Steal the Throne
  2. The Last of David’s Epic Psalms & A New King Reigns
  3. Need Wisdom? Ask God!
  4. Psalms 45: Here is Your Invite to the Wedding Feast of the King!
  5. 1 Kings 4 & 5: Solomon Builds a Kingdom & the 1st Temple of God
  6. The First Temple is Massive!
  7. How Colossal Should a Church or Palace be for God or a King?
  8. Finally a Permanent Place for the People to Worship God
  9. Psalms of Ascents: Songs, Focused on God, of Trouble, Trust and Triumph
  10. 1 Kings 9: Follow God with Integrity and Godliness and Obey Him, Simple, Right?
  11. 1 Kings 10: A Queen Visits with Gifts for the King whose Lust is Great
  12. 1 Kings 11: How Giving in to Lust Separates You From God
  13. 1 Kings 12: Foolish and Selfish Kings Destroy a United Israel
  14. 1 Kings 13: Everybody Will Face the Judgment of #God One Day
  15. 1 Kings 14: Devotion of Idols Leads to Slavery, Loss and Death
  16. 1 Kings 15: One Good King Who Does Right in the Sight of God
  17. 1 Kings 16: More Bad Kings Establish Evil Idolatry in Direct Defiance of God
  18. 1 Kings 17: Meet Elijah, a Prophet of God and Miracle Worker
  19. 1 Kings 18: The Battle of the Prophets – Who Really is the More Powerful God?
  20. 1 Kings 19: We Need to Listen for the Still, Small Voice of God
  21. 1 Kings 20: Almighty God Protects Your Way in the Hills and Valleys
  22. 1 Kings 21: Murder for a Vineyard – the Wimp and the Wicked Witch
  23. 1 Kings 22: King Ahab is Killed by a Random Arrow to Fulfill Prophecy

2 Kings

2 Kings
  1. Is There N God that You Need to Pray to an Idol?
  2. Elijah’s Rapture on Chariots of Fire and Elisha Takes Over
  3. God Causes an Optical Illusion to Fool the Enemy of Israel
  4. Need a Miracle? Humbly Go to God Through Jesus in Faith
  5. Obey and Be Cleansed. Be Greedy and Suffer the Results
  6. 2 Kings 6-7: With Help from God the Lost is Found, a Man and a City are Saved
  7. 2 Kings 8: With God, Every Coincidence is Really a Divine Appointment
  8. 2 Kings 9-10: Eliminating all Evil Fulfills the Promises of God
  9. 2 Kings 11-12: A Heartless Queen, a Fatherly Priest, and a Boy King
  10. 2 Kings 13-14: He Did What was Evil in the Sight of the Lord
  11. 2 Kings 15-16: More Bad Kings and Good Kings in Israel and Judah
  12. 2 Kings 17-18: What Happens When You Reject God and His Warnings?
  13. 2 Kings 19: Ask the Lord Diligently and Wholeheartedly for His Help
  14. 2 Kings 20: Here We See the Risk of Showing Off, Selfishness and Pride
  15. 2 Kings 21: Think You Can Undo the Negative Effects of Sin? Think Again.
  16. 2 Kings 22-23: The Last Good King, a Great Find, then Conflict with Egypt
  17. 2 Kings 24-25: The Epic Attack that Happened When People Disobey God